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       UPhoton has built two technical platforms, “The Optical Chip” and “ The System Integration”, focusing on core businesses including Micro-Nano optical elements and 3D sensing system solutions.

       “The Optical Chip” platform mainly provides technical support for designing, manufacturing and testing various Micro-Nano optical elements.

       “The System Integration” platform takes the Micro-Nano optical elements of “The  Optical Chip” platform as the core, and integrates optical, mechanical, electronic and software algorithms technologies to provide technical support for the design, manufacture and mass production of the whole optical module/system.

Tian Kehan
Tian Kehan
Company Position
Founder and CEO
Dr. Tian obtain his B.S and M.S degrees from the Department of Precision Instruments in Tsinghua Universtity in 1999 and 2001, respectively, and Ph.D. degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) in 2006.
Tian Kehan majored in the Department of Precision Instruments received the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees from Tsinghua University in 1999 and 2001 respectively, and doctoral degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in USA in 2006. He has been engaged in leading-edge researches on Micro-Nano diffraction optics, 3D optical systems and semiconductor precision manufacturing for a long time. Since 2006, Dr. Tian has worked as a senior scientist/researcher (at professor level) in T.J.Watson Research Center and Semiconductor R&D Center of IBM Corporation in the United States, and engaged in the world’s leading research in the fields of advanced semiconductors, advanced lithography and advanced Micro-Nano diffraction optics. In 2010 and 2012, he won the IBM highest research achievement awards twice. In 2014, he won the title of IBM Master Inventor (IBM highest invention award), and won the IBM invention achievement award for six years consecutivly (2008-2013). After returning to China where he found UPhoton, Dr. Tian was awarded the National and Zhejiang Talent Plan Awards for many times.
Honor resources
Uphoton Technology was selected into the "real 100 innovators" list of interface news
In 2020, UPhoton was selected in the tenth batch of “Diamond Plan” of the Qidi Holdings “Tsinghua Science and Technology Park”.
In 2017, Tsinghua Alumni Enterprise Innovation Growth Award.
In 2019, UPhoton was evaluated as one of the potential unicorn enterprises in China.
In 2019, UPhoton won the Synced Machine 2019 Annual Award “Top 30 Best AI Startups in the World”
In 2019, UPhoton ascends to China investment information 2019 "top 10 investment cases in the field of best advanced manufacturing in China's advanced manufacturing and high-tech industry"
In 2020,UPhoton was awarded as Synced Machine TOP30 of the strongest artificial intelligence company.
UPhoton obtained the title of The Small and Medium-sized Enterprise with Specialization and Innovation in Beijing.
In 2020, UPhoton was evaluated by 36Kr as one of 2020 TOP100 Startup Companies Most Concerned by Investors in China.
In 2021, Beijing UPhoton is certified as a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun.
Enterprise Growth Star in 2019 World Manufacturing Conference.
2017 Top50 star enterprises CCF-GAIR of New Manufacture growth list.
High-tech enterprise certificate.
In 2018, Science and Technology Park Enterprise “Strive for Excellence” Major Breakthrough Award.
research achievements
Honor resources
Up to November 2021, a total of 105 patents have been authorized and are being applied for by the company, including 47 authorized patents, 62 invention patents (8 PCT patents) being applied for, and 38 invention patents have been made public.
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    Authorized patent
  • 62
    Invention patent
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