UPhoton Technology received the “TOP 30 AI Company Awards China 2020” from Synced

On January 15th, the results of the 2020 awards of “Synced Machine Intelligence Awards” were announced,and UPhoton Technology was listed as the “TOP30 Strongest AI Companies of AI China".

Since the establishment in 2017, the annual award selection activity of “SyncEd Machine Intelligence Awards” has been held continuously for four sessions. It is one of the largest and most authoritative annual awards in the field of artificial intelligence in China, and has become an important bellwether of China’s artificial intelligence industry. The “AI China TOP30 Artificial Intelligence Company” award focuses on the maturity of the business model of artificial intelligence enterprises and the performance of main business in the latest three years. The selected enterprises have mature business models, mature products or services in the focused market segments, and have gained the leading market position in this field.

Founded in 2016 by Dr. Tian Kehan, MIT,UPhoton Technology is an internationally competitive Micro-Nano optical expert and overall solution provider for three-dimensional sensing, which can provide three-dimensional sensing core Micro-Nano optical devices (optical chips) and overall solutions for mobile phones, smart homes, financial payment, security monitoring, vehicles and robots.

Affected by the epidemic in 2020, the market changed dramatically, but UPhoton Technology still had positive performance in technology, products, teams and customer reserves. The company’s Micro-Nano optical device products entered the supply chain of top domestic mobile phone manufacturers in 2018, and have fully covered various mainstream three-dimensional sensing technology routes such as structured light, ITOF and DTOF; The company has launched two sets of 3D face schemes, " cost-effective" and "high performance", for the financial payment scenario, both of which have passed the test of the National Bank Card Testing Center in 2020. The cooperative customer base of the company has been further expanded, including major leading enterprises in various fields such as mobile phones, financial payment, smart door locks, security monitoring, and vehicles.

In 2020, UPhoton Technology won the favor of various capitals continuously, and was invested by well-known institutions. More institutions are looking forward to capital cooperation with UPhoton and realizing capital appreciation by its hard core strength.

Based on the recognition of the company's overall strength, local governments, trade associations and other organizations at all levels have presented honors one after another. In July 2020, the company was selected into the first batch of "specialized and innovative" SMEs of Beijing by Beijing Economic and Information Technology Bureau; In December, 2020, the company was listed as the 10th batch of "Diamond Plan" enterprises of Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, and became one of 79 enterprises in the "Diamond Plan" of Tsinghua Science and Technology Park in the past 15 years. In January 2021, founder Tian Kehan was awarded the title of "Entrepreneurial Star" in the annual ceremony of "Double Star Exchange" of Zhongguancun Venture Capital Association.




UPhoton Technology entered the list of the best investment cases in 2019 of China Venture