UPhoton Technology entered the list of the best investment cases in 2019 of China Venture

On June 11th, China Venture released “2019 List of China Venture”, and UPhoton Technology was listed the “TOP10 Best Investment Cases in China’s Advanced Manufacturing and High-tech Industries”.

For 14 consecutive years, China venture, as an independent third-party organization, has published the list of China's venture capital institutions and private equity investment series-"China Investment List", which is known for its professionalism, authority and rigor, and is regarded as the bellwether of the domestic equity investment industry.

Founded in 2016, UPhoton Technology is an internationally competitive Micro-Nano optical expert and a 3D sensor solution provider. Since its establishment, the company has won the favor of top investment institutions such as ZhenFund, Legend Star, Baidu Venture Capital, Shunwei Capital, Tsinghua Technology & Innovation Cathay CapitalLenovo Capital, China Merchants venture, Oriza Holdings, Zhuiyuan Venture, Silk Road Huachuang Investmen.

UPhoton Technology was founded by Dr. Tian Kehan, who has successively obtained Master's degree in Tsinghua University and Doctor's degree in MIT, worked for 8 years at IBM in the United States, served as a (professor-level) senior scientist, and was a national "Thousand Talents Program" entrepreneurial talent of the Central Organization Department. He has long been engaged in cutting-edge research in micro nano diffractive optics, 3D optical systems and semiconductor precision manufacturing.

The company has built a complete optical chip technology platform. UPhoton first realizes the mass production of optical devices by semiconductor process in the industry, and can complete the design, precision manufacturing and testing of various types of micro and nano optical devices completely independently, including DOE, Diffuser customized for different 3D sensing technology solutions such as structured light, indirect time of flight (ITOF), direct time of flight (DTOF), and customized diffractive optical waveguide devices for AR/VR field. In addition, the company has built an optical system integration technology platform, which can provide customized 3D sensing solutions for many fields such as intelligent terminals, security monitoring, robot vision, industrial 3D detection, AR/VR, and assisted driving.


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