UPhoton Technology received “2019 World Top 30 Best AI Startups Awards” from Synced

On January 16th,"SyncedMachine Intelligence Awards",one of the largest and most authoritative annual awards in China's artificial intelligence industry, announced the results of the 2019 awards. As an internationally competitive provider of advanced solutions for Micro-Nano diffractive optical devices and 3D sensing modules/systems,UPhoton Technology was listed as the "Top 30 Best AI Startup Companies in the World" award.

Since its establishment in 2017, the annual award selection activity of "Synced Machine Intelligence Awards" has been held continuously for third time, and has been widely concerned and valued by artificial intelligence community at home and abroad. At present, it has become one of the largest and most authoritative annual awards in the field of artificial intelligence in China. Nearly 1,000 enterprises in the field of artificial intelligence have signed up for this selection. The biggest difference between this selection process and the past is that it pays more attention to the power of industry, and conduct the selection from the perspective of "enterprise service" instead of "media". It focuses on the products, application cases and industrial implementation of artificial intelligence companies, and screening out the enterprises that deserve the most attention based on the real and objective industrial performance.

UPhoton Technology was established in 2016, and its founder Tian Kehan has successively obtained Master's degree in Tsinghua University and Doctor's degree in MIT. He has worked at IBM in the United States for 8 years and served as a (professor-level) senior scientist, and is a national "Thousand Talents Program" entrepreneurial talent of the Central Organization Department. The company's core team members graduated from top universities at home and abroad, and have many years of experience in technology development and project management of well-known multinational enterprises (IBM, 3M, Philips, Taiwan United Power, STMicroelectronics). Its professional direction spans different complementary fields such as diffraction optics, semiconductor processing, and complex opto-electronic computing system design.

3D sensing, as "the eye of intelligent devices", belongs to the perception layer of the artificial intelligence. With the goal of making AI a better ability to perceive the 3D real world, UPhoton not only has a complete in-house 3D sensing system design and manufacturing capability, but also provides 3D sensing core Micro-Nano diffractive optical devices, optical modules, software and hardware systems and overall solutions. Moreover, the products are widely used in many fields, such as intelligent terminals, security monitoring, robot vision, industrial 3D detection, AR/VR, and assisted driving. UPhoton, as the top supplier of diffractive optical devices for 3D face unlocking scheme of Android smartphone, has achieved the mass production supply.

In 2019, UPhoton Technology made great progress, made continuous and in-depth innovative layout in optical devices and module systems, actively explored and realized the mass production application of products in several market segments, and launched and implemented various AI vision solutions such as 3D brush face payment, 3D smart door lock, 3D visions industrial measurement, etc. The cooperative ecological chain built around the upstream and downstream of 3D sensing was further improved. It has built in-depth cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign companies in the fields of artificial intelligence, smart terminals, and security monitoring.

In the past year, UPhoton Technology has completed two rounds of financing of RMB 100 million in B round and B+ round, which has been positively recognized by new shareholders such as China Merchants Venture Capital and Qingkong Ginkgo, and continuously assisted by old shareholders such as Lenovo Star and Zhenge Fund.


UPhoton Technology entered the list of the best investment cases in 2019 of China Venture


UPhoton Technology received “2019 World Top 30 Best AI Startups Awards” from Synced